Lifes Chair ORIGINAL Painting...NOT a Print copy!

Lifes Chair  ORIGINAL Painting...NOT a Print copy!
Pen/Ink/Watercolor 11x14 FOR SALE $55.00

Saturday, February 14, 2015

New art adventure

As I find myself stuck at home most days because my epilepsy has developed further, and I am sick these days more than not, I am sadly skating less, but creating more artwork.
  I still teach a few students a week which I love, but wish I had more students, more ice time, and more healthy days.
  Anyways, my artwork seems to have taken quite an exciting turn as of late.  My mom thinks as the seizures are destroying brain cells in my left temporal lobe, the right temporal is waking up, thus changing my artistic ability.  I don't know if this is possible, but something has changed.
  I am consistent, motivated, and can't seem to turn off the art visions that now have happily invaded my thoughts.
  Tomorrow I am in my first art show, through the Howell Opera House, and the Livingston Fine Arts Group.  It is a fashion show, repurposed...which means the clothing will all be created from recycled material.  Though I am clothing designer this year, I am exhibiting my artwork.
  I have over 30 paintings (mostly watercolor, one acrylic, and some mixed media), and some slumped hand painted glass.  I melted wine and beer bottled in my kiln, painted them and turned some into cheese platters, spoon rests, and even a few chalk boards for your fridge.
  This is so out of my comfort zone, and though I'm a bit nervous,...truth?? I should be freaking  out right about now, and I'm not.  I'm quite excited, and hope this will bring me to a level where I am just as comfortable with my artwork as I am when I teach skating,
  I'll make another post after the show, and let everyone know how it went.
  I will end this by saying thank you to so many of you out there, my friends, family, fellow have all been so amazing and supportive.  I could not have done this without you all.
  And to my husband and children, who always believe in me, encourage me, take an interest in what I'm doing, and always have my back,   I love you all so much and hope I make you proud tomorrow.